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Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays

Last night we had decided on a schedule for ourselves to follow to make sure that we’re getting enough hours in. It involved us getting to work by 8 (we’ve been waking up around 7 so this was very attainable). But low and behold we woke up early to a sparkly frosty wonderland cushioned in dense fog.

The thought of this eerily beautiful act of nature fading away without me capturing it was just too painful. It didn’t take much to convince Trevor that we needed to break the schedule immediately to explore our surroundings.


So we microwaved some breakfast sandwiches, put some coffee in a thermos, and gathered up the camera gear. We drove literally a mile straight down the street we live on to a huge valley with lots of trails and lookout points. The road that runs along this valley is called High Drive. We’re fans of this road for more than one reason… but it’s famous for the view and the homes along it are some of the nicest (and most expensive) in Spokane.


We easily found several trails and meandered down them while admiring the thick grayness that surrounded us. We could hear the morning noise of the town in the distance but could see no signs of it. It didn’t take too long for our fingertips to go numb and we retreated to the car while we left the camera on the tripod nearby to take a time lapse (hopefully capturing some fog dissipating – TBD).


We got back to the house at about 9:30 and we just started our day slightly later than planned. 🙂 It felt really good to get out and do something creative just for the sake of being creative. It’s easily been 6+ months since I’ve taken a photo for fun. Between the wedding, the move, and starting my freelance career I’ve made zero time for myself to be an artist. Trevor was really happy that we went too, and I could tell that he really missed doing time lapses and just being in nature.


The forecast for tomorrow morning is another frosty/foggy mix so whether or not Trevor decides to join me, I plan on heading out to another park to capture some more of natures glory.


I’m so thankful that I live in such a beautiful place that’s so lush and full of life. I plan on making this a much more regular part of my life, especially now that I have so much amazing nature surrounding me! ❤